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We deliver Network and IT solutions for government, telecommunications and enterprise

Our experience with end to end delivery means that our product offering comes with technology consultants that offer expertise, project managers that plan and implement, and test teams to ensure quality.

Network Planning and Design

We do detailed design of indoor and outdoor networks including for voice and data services and Internet of Things connected solutions. Our expert team members have experience designing for all network technologies including 3G, 4G, 5G for small sites and large-scale nation wide network planning. We monitor various KPIs and account for CAPEX investments to ensure mobile operator networks are expanded for both quality and cost efficiency.

Network Optimisation

We capture information from a wide range of data sources and apply advanced analysis techniques to extract actionable insights for the improvement of networks. Our innovative revenue and performance-based methodology for optimisation allows us to make network improvements for tangible returns. As an independent provider of optimisation services we always select the best tools and customise these tools where needed. We adopt innovative techniques and Self Optimising Networks (SON) to achieve the best possible results.

Performance Management

We help our clients ensure their solutions and services meet performance targets. We help drive improvements in latency, throughput, availability and more to ensure end customer experience and operational KPIs are met. Our deep technical expertise enables us to extract relevant metrics across Software, Networks, IoT and E2E systems. We analyse data and make high-impact improvements that lead to better end-user experience.

Audit and Benchmarking

We offer industry-leading testing and benchmarking products and services to a variety of clients including telecommunications regulators and mobile operators. Our network audits cover a wide scope from primary network functionality to Location Based Services and Value-Added Services. Our smartphone benchmarking and handset testing is exhaustive and includes detailed evaluation of network connectivity, calls, data, and battery performance.

Assurance and Vendor Evaluation

We are proud to be a fully independent partner to telecommunication regulators and mobile operators, we carryout network audits and provide oversight to ensure vendors deliver to committed targets. We work closely with all parties to ensure success. Our assurance portfolio includes the design and delivery of state-of-the-art network monitoring centres for automated and pro-active monitoring of national network infrastructure.

Solution Development

Our team of multi-industry experts work with clients on their digital transformation journey. We provide solution development capabilities for software applications and IoT systems. Our offering also includes Cloud and Data Analytics solutions, and all our solution engagements focus on driving customer value and end-user experience.

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We have deep expertise in

Network Planning & Design
Performance Management
Network Optimisation
Assurance Services
IoT and Software Development
Audit and Benchmarking
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